FR 26.07.2013 STIMMEN-Werkstatt


Each of us has a life filter that houses our library of experiences and memories. This filter allows us to color and embellish all information that is received through it. Our modern lifestyles are so often restricted by boundaries and social constructs that we have lost touch with our own creative truth. We rarely recognize that our true genius walks within our own unique creative process. The workshop objectives are the ways to be inspired, expose the unique opinion and creativity, learn to respect the creative process and truth of others and to see and hear beyond the obvious.

Kursleitung: Vinx De’Jon Parrette is as close as you’ll find to a 21st century renaissance man: music educator, recording artist, and former world class athlete/coach. Known to music fans as a percussionist and vocalist, his music is classified by some as jazz, by some as world music and by others as soul. Most often, Vinx is remembered from his opening act on Sting’s Soul Cages Tour but he has also worked with numerous other artists as varied as Stevie Wonder, Cassandra Wilson, Darius Rucker, Vance Gilbert, Taj Mahal and the Spin Doctors to name a few. More Information:


Kurszeiten: Fr 10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr inkl. Mittagspause

Zielgruppe: 10-100 Personen, offen für alle Interessierten

Kurssprache: english

Preis: 190 Euro, ermäßigt 40 Euro

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